Logos are fun!

I enjoyed putting this logo together for my wife's blog http://readingismysuperpower.wordpress.com
She is doing a "Favorites Friday" feature. I started with pencil, then recreated it in the iPad and then finished up in Photoshop. I use Photoshop instead of illustrator because it's what I cut my teeth on. I still find Illustrstor annoying. I'll use it when I have to, but it doesn't help my creativity.


Your Secret Room, Liar!

So I guess I post once a year now? Well... Anyway...

Everyone has a room in their house that's "the room." You know that room you shove everything in when you have people over. Things that defy organization in your lifestyle as dictated by architects. "But we always eat in the canoe!" You're afraid the guests will turn Gestapo on you, you're hiding stuff like Corrie Ten Boom: "Zo. You zey, you haf only ONE bedroom?" "Y-y-yes. Just the one!" "LIAH!" Of course, everyone in the house was working like a TLC Decorating Show, everyone is handed a copy from a Better Homes & Gardens magazine: "This is the template!! GO!!" So you're running around removing any evidence that someone actually lived there. Hazmat suits are worn until the party actually starts. Lock the entire house in the vacuum clothing storage bags looking like the end of E.T. Now all of that is just to reach the basic level of hospitality. But there is a stage two. Stage two is a fairly recent discovery. In fact, it has destroyed many a man every Saturday. Every man knows what Stage 2 is and that is Pinterest. Yes. There is not a boyfriend/husband alive that has not been affected by Pinterest. Don't fight it. Roll with it. It's specifically designed to foil men's attempt to navigate through it and before you know it, you're hanging picture frames of blank calendars in the kitchen and striped buckets in the bathroom: "it's whimsical!" And yes I do feel that I'm being laughed at by a bucket. But that's love. I do like Pinterest, even though I work in Social Media and my Mom knew about it months before I did. I felt like I stumbled onto a secret of the gender. Here I was, a master of Search Engines, and my Pinterest board has only a picture of a dog doing ... I forget, I'm too busy updating my iPhone apps to get something done. I had, no joke, 114 apps to update and being sick I found I had time on my hands. So I said fine "update all!" 18 hours later they all updated. I go and load up the App Store and then a red "1" appears. Can I just chuck the phone? No because I'm sick and everything weighs like a gold brick. It's ok. If I get sick when we are hosting a party, I'm shoved into The Room laying in the canoe.