Falling for Spring

It is time for Fall once again. Or is it Autumn? Autumn seems to be the correct, more appropriate term for this season, but how did it become known as “Fall?” The most obvious explanation is that is what the leaves and confused quarterbacks do in the time of Autumn, but I have another theory. Spring is the only season that has one syllable and it needed to find a mate - all in an attempt to not feel so lonely amidst the two-syllable seasons. Spring has co-dependency issues; did you know that? Well, Winter refused to be called “Cold” “Gift” or “Gray” and summer wasn’t going to change to “Hot” “Sun” or “Mow.” Winter and Summer both felt they were meant to be together and were secure in their relationship. Meanwhile, Autumn shuffled its feet and said “Okay, I’ll change, but what should my name be?” Autumn never stands up for itself like a season should, but it has a good heart. They got together at a food court in a mall outside of Tulsa and thought up, but quickly rejected, names like “Orange” “Plump” “Food” and “Sneeze.” Then, in a moment of cuteness, they both said “Fall” at the same time and giggled. The county registrar happened to be in that afternoon and after paying $15, it became legal. This transformation never really convinced everybody, especially those in Europe, but at least our two seasons know the truth in their hearts.

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