Food 2: Artificialness

The mark of the 20th century was A.I. – no, not Artificial Intelligence, but Artificial Ingredients. These ingredients tend to be colors and flavors that enhance either real food or other artificial substances that resemble food. The purpose of artificial ingredients is to mimic something that is natural but at the fraction of the cost – or just to do it for kicks. What is so interesting about these ingredients is that we have used them for so long that life today would be so different without them. Without them, all soda would be clear. Ever think about that? Crystal Pepsi was just Caffeine Free Pepsi without the Caramel Coloring. It’s true! People kept saying that it had a hint of something like 7up in it, but that was all in their minds because there artificially laden diet could not discern taste from sight. “It’s clear! So it MUST have a lemon-limy flavor somewhere!” (That is one of the commandments in soda making today - since Pepsi violated it, it was taken off the market n' stuff). Many snacks would be a dull white color too – namely candy. Things would taste very odd too without artificial flavors, but artificial flavors must have tasted odd at one time. Artificial grape and watermelon come to my mind as flavors that are well accepted today in society, but they have NO relation to their natural counterparts. Think about it, Grape Kool-Aid is as artificial as you can get. First, just what exactly is “Kool” and how is this product-of-powder aiding it? It also has a hue of purple not normal in this universe - at least to the grape family. Of course, the taste does not resemble grape juice nor would one be able to ferment Grape Kool-Aid in order to make a Grape Kool-Aid Wine due to the hefty portion of preservatives desperately trying to keep its molecules together. For 99 cents a packet, mothers willingly give their own children this seemingly unstable concoction.

But that’s okay.

I’m sure their was tons of credible research done on the long term effects of these ingredients. Right? So, with all this in mind, is it my desire to eat natural and only purely organic material? Heavens no! Keep the colors coming! Keep the polymer-cupcakes flowing! Any culture that has learned to create the entity known as “The Twinkie” can eat whatever they dang well please … as long as you have your estate in order.

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