Defending your opinion? Too bad!

I made this image to serve as a reminder. The internet is not really a place to prove your point. Don’t get me wrong, it is a place to state your point – along with everyone else and their little dogs too. While many sites seem to thrive on controversy – when people start airing their opinions, that is all that will happen. Plain old opinionnn...airing.

You won’t see the following posts anywhere on forums after someone rebuttals a long discourse of opinion…

“You’re right. My bad…”
“Oh, I understand, I was wrong”
“No kidding? Huh, I had it all backward”

Want opinions on military intelligence? Creationism vs Evolution? Looking for an excellent programmer, but confused whether he should be fluent in Ajax or should he just be C++? Did that grilled cheese sandwich with Mary’s image really have any significance? Are Republicans too fat and Liberals too wonky? Was asbestos flavored asbestos really needed for asbestosly designed products or was it just a fad?

Sure, there’s a lot of questions, but I want you to understand that while there are myriads of opinion-toting personages out there, you can be rest assured that this site … in some fashion, updated once a week … will try to sift through heady arguments, by completely ignoring them.

This site will make every effort support phrases along the lines of “I once carbonated a peanut” or “I have detailed plans for creating ninja stars out of cotton swabs, I’m pretty sure they will bounce off my wife's head with no ill effect.”*

Sillybear Inc. is here for your comfort, your enjoyment and your weekly “what the heck was that?” 100% original, clean and almost funny.

*Hey! I love my wife. It's a cottonswab ninja star! I would never throw anything sharp at her. Ever. You people are weird.


Kepi said...

said wife dodges cottonswab ninja stars and wiggles her tickling fingers, aiming directly for sillybear's ribs!


Anonymous said...

You're right, my bad.

Eric said...

That's okay, I had it backward ... HEY WAIT!

Blogs on the other hand...