No Update

This is an update to tell you that there is no update this week. None. Don't even think about. I happen to be sick. So sick that I can't even type or look at a computer ... like this one. Yep, nothing I can do about it - some kind of bug that the doctor said is going around in bagged salad. I didn't have any bagged salad so I'm not sure what to make of that. So while you wait for my fever to break, I encourage you to check out the many other fine articles on this site.

So, to sum up. No update at all. Nada.

Stay away from bagged salad for the next few weeks just to be safe.


Chris Cree said...

You mean I have to wait another whole week for an update?!

I may not have enough coffee to make it!

Chris Cree said...

Oh, and just a quasi-random thought: If it wasn't bagged salad, did you maybe get too close to an extra dirty pumpkin?

Eric said...

No, it wasn't a pumkin. Pumkin scrubbers, worth their weight in pumkins, take strict precautions before scrubbing your average dirt covered pumkin.

The real lesson to be learned is that if you work in a company that has a community kitchen, with community silverware without a dishwasher - bring your own utensils to work.