Read the Ingredients

Why do we eat chemicals? I don't ask that in a judgmental way, I'm just curious. It is odd to me that we'll abstain from totally natural foods like sushi, raw egg, or steak tar tar and totally give into preservative laden processed cheese food in pasta-based pasta shaped pasta that can be warm and gloppy in 30 seconds.

I guess that's America. We stand behind the FDA and the USDA to take care of us to the point that if we attempt to leave the country, we need a series of injections in order to stay healthy. The main goal of any foreign travel is: Try to stay out of a foreign hospital.

Why? Sanitation? No, because your PPO won't cover it.

It's best to avoid any sickness. Just say no. Sure, you may be tempted with a strain of flu, but trust me, you don't want it. I use to say "If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it" - and that's why I don't eat General Tso's chicken. Tsoa? Tusao?


Teremonotryglutenate may make a creamer Twinkie filling, but is it really worth it? Tetradexohymate may make my windows shine, but should I put it on a ham sandwich? Probably not. But if I was to find out that Tuna sashimi takes oil out of silk, would I still hesitate to eat it?

Probably not. But I wouldn't do it overseas.

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