XBOX 360 - It's Heavy

I purchased an Xbox 360 for my company the other day. And before you say “Dude, are you hiring?” I want to clarify that we are giving it away at a music festival. So no, we don’t sit around and play games all day. Or at least we’re not suppose to as there may be a few people “taking a break” as it were.

The Xbox 360 is a something that I’ll never own. And that’s fine. Primarily, I hardly have time to do responsible things let alone stare at a TV for hours on end doing something that really matters little in the grand scheme of things – or to my wife.

Technology is heavy. I had a ColecoVision with an Atari adapter and realized that the combined weight of those with an NES is only a fraction to what the Xbox 360 weighs.

The thing is a frickin’ piece of lead.

It comes in a box about as big as a box of laser checks and costs about as much as my first car did. I can’t fathom buying this for a kid younger than 14. If you do, the kid better treat it like a shrine because kids shouldn’t be entrusted to heavy technical things. Let me change that. “Kids shouldn’t be entrusted with anything over $100.”

You could also say, if you can carry this Xbox home you can play it. But then you run the risk of the kid dropping it and your $400 machine becomes a very heavy blinking box.

To sum up: Learn to fly kites. They’re light, cheap and gets you into the fresh air. Goodness knows kids can learn that the bright irritating sphere in the sky is called “The Sun.”

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