Fear Food

Comfort food is essentially, something that makes you feel warm and snuggly. These types of food change from nation to nation. A Chinese friend of mine said that the chrysalis of a butterfly is very yummy.

They come in a can. urp.

After this statement, I began wondering, "what would an Asian 'Fear Factor' look like?"

For your next challenge you must eat an entire bowl of ... cheese cubes!

I learned that cheese is abhored by many Asians. Some can eat, others avoid it. At first I thought that was ridiculous, but then I started thinking about what cheese was and that is something I regret.
Bovine mammary secretions, sun-brewed with bacteria to produce a lumpy, smelly and tasty treat.

Still, since I grew up in America, I know the truth that cheese really comes out of factories ... just like beef.


Moving Back

After spending sometime out and about in other services, Sillybear Inc. is moving back to Home Sweet Home on blogger. Heck, Google already indexed this place so why not make the best of it?
Don't mess with the Google. It would be of the "not fun." So stay tuned for more articles n' somejunk.