Fear Food

Comfort food is essentially, something that makes you feel warm and snuggly. These types of food change from nation to nation. A Chinese friend of mine said that the chrysalis of a butterfly is very yummy.

They come in a can. urp.

After this statement, I began wondering, "what would an Asian 'Fear Factor' look like?"

For your next challenge you must eat an entire bowl of ... cheese cubes!

I learned that cheese is abhored by many Asians. Some can eat, others avoid it. At first I thought that was ridiculous, but then I started thinking about what cheese was and that is something I regret.
Bovine mammary secretions, sun-brewed with bacteria to produce a lumpy, smelly and tasty treat.

Still, since I grew up in America, I know the truth that cheese really comes out of factories ... just like beef.

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