The Psalms: God's Mix Tape

I used to make mix tapes for a few select people. Yes, I may date myself by saying that I made mix tapes and not burned CDs, but there's a common theme.


The Psalms are God's mix tape for us to play on the journey. Luckily, this compilation doesn't include "Journey," but you get my point.

The Psalms are full of love, anger, woe-is-me, hit-him-again type tracks. King David - the shepherd king - wrote a lot of these and could play musical instruments and "git down and dance."

This means that David was the ancient equivalent of that automobile kid that could wail a guitar and became an eccentric leader - kind of like an Israelite Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen. It is of my opinion that "Selah" means "lyre solo." I think King David jammed on a wicked solo during a praise song that rocked and concluded "Thank You, Jerichooooo!" before smashing the instruments as a sacrifice to God.

Even though we lost the music of the Psalms, ("Doe of the Morning" must have been a huge hit), the lyrics survive. Luckily, the lyrics mean a lot more to a general populace than the Christian Music lyrics I listened to in the 90s.

I leave you with the lyrics of "More to Life" from Micheal Knott

"Sink the ship and save your hair
Thousands drown yet you're still breathing
From a lifeboat you won't share
Kick me out although there is room to spare
Death to your family it's still a joke to me
And when you finally reach the shore
You'll say there is something more"

uh ... who in the what now?

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