How to Pray for Better Protection

We have at our disposal the Armor of God to wear for ourselves, though styles may vary. Though when we pray for others, we can pray for protection for them - for whatever reason, though it's usually when someone leaves on a mission trip.

The common Christian phrase is "praying for a hedge of protection" around them. A hedge? Seriously? Is that the best you can do?

Christian humor, clean humor, sillybear inc."Here ya go! Be sure to keep low!"

If we are free to ask for God's protection, please give me something a little more compact

Christian humor, clean humor, Sillybear IncComplete with Machine-Gun-of-the-Spirit

What really gets me is when people give the Enemy too much credit. Yeah, you're not suppose to invoke a mano-y-mano type brawl, but don't short change what God can provide when the Enemy comes at your hedge with this ...
Christian Humor, Clean Humor, Sillybear Inc.
It's red too! Aigh!

Just remember that God won't place anything in front you that He doesn't think you can't handle with Him.

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