Knock it off, worry-wart

Worry. How do you combat it? Well, first of all you need to figure out what "worry" is. Worry the constant meditation on a situation that doesn't reach a solution.

In short, worry is praying to yourself.

Trying to be constantly aware of a situation and it's outcomes is very hard for a person who is not omniscient, omnipotent or omnipresent. When you try, you become omni-annoying.

Praying to yourself is praying to a being that has no control over a situation. When Jesus said "Do not worry" in Matthew 6, he isn't making a light statement.

"But God didn't come through last time!" Oh really? Well, let me ask you this: Did you even let Him? or did the Credit Card god get more attention? or were you placing your faith in something man-made first. First give praise to God for being God and then let him decide what he wants to show you in his time.


Creationism explained OUTSIDE of the Bible

The debate of Creationism versus Evolution is a battle that will continue on and on and on. That’s just how it will be. It’s a proxy battle over the existence of God which in itself is a proxy battle over the issue of a sinful being in the hands of a holy God. But that’s not for today.

The problem with the Creationism debate is that it keeps referring to the Bible. “The Bible tells me so” will not hold any weight to someone who thinks the Bible is a bunch of hogwash as they show you a fossilized bone. It’s kind of like a footsweep to the argument.

I will tell you right now that it is not up to you to defend God. God defends himself every time, he just chooses the time to do it – that’s why he’s God. He is under no obligation to defend himself at every argument on old vs young Earth or to every pinhead that says “If there is a God then let him strike me down right now!” Nope. God just says “I’m not going to appear before you. You are going to appear before ME and my appointed time. Keep that in mind when you feel that all of Christendom rests on your shoulders as you argue with a grad student in a Dairy Queen.

So what do we do then about these debates?

Well, for starters, the debate is askew. The Evolutionist/Billion-year-whatever proponent is given the task to try to explain the world and universe according to its current set of rules and laws and boundaries. Fair enough. Outside of a scientist having some sort of personal grudge against the idea of God because he was forced as a kid to go to some hostile bitter church (yes, they do exist) he has to rely on the Scientific Method of observations (or he’s suppose to anyway) to gather and test data and form a theory. The scientist is then left a very valid right to say “based on our understanding, this is how it came to pass.”

Enter the Creationist.

Armed with the word of God, no matter what the world throws at him, he will not deter his stance upon the Rock. Despite “evidence,” despite “a-lotta-numbers,” he will not believe what the Evolutionist says. So we wind up with two groups that can’t actually reason their way out of a conundrum of a pickle.

So how is the debate askew? Well, the Evolutionist states that if there is a God, then he has to be bound by the physical, testable laws of the Universe. It doesn’t matter if He created it; he has to be bound by the rules. The Creationists will just refer to the Bible even though the Evolutionist rolls his eyes.

So outside of the Bible, I’m going to show how a creator can exist and created everything in six days. To do so, I’m going to use the following computer game: Sim City 2000

Now, Simcity 2000 is a fun little game to others except myself. I hate it. I have no control. I’m bound by the law of “budget” and can’t build enough police stations to keep my city safe. So, I cheat. As a side note, cheat codes in games started as ways for the programmers to test different parts of their games quickly before it was released. For Simcity 2000, I use something more powerful than a cheat code. I use a hex editor to eliminate the need for a "budget."

Cattle on a thousand hills, indeed

Ok, with my billions in hand I look out on the playing field...

Just a tad formless and full of void

This is something I had fun with as a kid. I put the game on pause and the entire timeline STOPS. I am not bound by the law of “game speed”

A thousand years are as a day to me now

Here’s the fun part. I get to shape the land to my desire:

I put water where I want and I also decide to install the elaborate underground water network:
I then lay out the zones of residential, industrial and commercial and put in parks, roads airports, stadiums, zoos and connect it all with electricity.Wow. Hardly a second has passed by...

Then when I have called it good. I then advance the timeline.

Suddenly, my creation springs to life. Things are being built, cars appear on the roads. People are doing stuff with my creation!Now let’s zoom in and take a look. Oh, I found a church! Reverend Sprite’s been there for 30 (game)years.

Guess who they’ll be worshiping?

Ok Ok. Let me tie it all together. See that little speck?

That’s the car of Mr. Evolutionist. Let’s call him Mr. Pixel. Mr. Pixel goes for a degree in science at the local college and studies “how did we get here?” Mr. Pixel is then on a quest to study his current environment. Based on what he found, he estimates according to the laws of “budget” and “game speed” it must have taken MILLIONS of years to get to this point, what with all the hills and valleys and trees and what-nots. Mr. Pixel becomes Dr. Pixel and goes on a speaking tour. Meanwhile, Reverend Sprite goes to one of Dr. Pixel’s lectures and … well, you see where I’m going.

In the game, I am God. I have unlimited power and unlimited resources. I create and destroy as I see fit. I can pause the game, I can speed it up. I can reload a previous version. I am God. If Dr. Pixel says “There’s no God! If there is, let him show himself to me right now!” I don’t really feel inclined to prove myself to him. He’s just a pixel. Should he provoke me, I can print him out, cut around him and put him on my finger and say “you were saying?”


That’s what Creationism is. It’s the realizing that there is something larger than yourself, even the created universe and that Something has a message for you whether you choose to read it or not.