Creating Contrast

My brother-in-law is beginning the social media part of his project. The first question is what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you here the phrase "Christian Art." I expanded the creepy part of my original comment here. When things become done for Christians by Christians, the original meaning or intended purpose becomes lost on the rest of the world and your point gets waaaaay off from what you intended. Let's take a gander at some interpretations of Jesus with alternate titles.

Child Bride Pedophile Jesuschristian humorLess said about this, the better.

Sorcerer Jesus
christian humor

Harry Potter has nothin' on this guy

Bored Jesus
christian humor

or "Frustrated Jesus," right in the middle of an eye roll after a disciple said
"Well, if Lazarus is sleeping, he'll get better!"

Snob Jesuschristian humorRemember in Return of the Jedi when that one dude says "You Rebel Scum!"
That's this face.

Really hating this time period Jesuschristian humorNo Running Water. No Internet. No Fooseball. No Happy.

Scary Phantom Jesuschristian humorIf I saw this in hovering over my bed, it would be time to move.
No calling "Ghost Hunters," just leave.

Thief Jesuschristian humorLookin' to score some quick coin.

Mirco-Manager Jesuschristian humorHere, Jesus and Paul Bettany (or Sting, circa 1984) race their ship around the tip of South America
to deliver their cargo before the others in the Fleet. Yar Har!

Stoned Jesuschristian humorwass-thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap?


Anonymous said...

I have laughed so hard at these... your titles are perfect. I know that's not the original intention, but I could see myself painting these and using your titles :)


Loretta Benedict said...

I love Kandee.. plus at the there I love you.. plus come once more? I love the the bulk is so as to you're a christian and you make that a priority in your life.Christian tv
all the best
Your sister in Christ