The AntiChrist notion brings hope ... really!

It seems that every American presidential election contains a little hoopla on the Right about the Leftist Candidate being groomed as the antichrist. I have no problem with that. In fact, Jesus says to keep an eye out for him. What I do have a problem with are those who decide to hole up with ammo and soup cans to ward off the Beast and his secret 666 code embeded in UPC labels. To me, those people are saying, "The Lord's return is coming soon! Quick! Let's try to prevent it!"

Let's get one thing straight. The Bible does "kind of" end with the God winning. I say "kind of" to understate. Jesus does state that there will be many antichrists and then there will be one huge one that will be the "Taker of Cake" of all the not-so-anti-as-as-the-AntiChrist.

If you think about it, only God the Father knows when the End is suppose to start. That actually is frustrating to Satan. Satan has a role to fill even with his rebellion and waywardness, he isn't omnipresent or even capable of time travel. Since God exists outside of time, He decided to share what the future was going to hold and it must have steamed the devil's beans to learn that he is pretty much going for a lava swan dive at the end. With that in mind, this devil has to have a candidate in mind in every generation for the AntiChrist role.
World War 2 seemed promising with Hitler and the Atom Bomb, but that didn't pan out. There seemed a lot of energy behind that one which left Satan really frustrated.

Since the Lord is only allowed to rebuke Satan (read Jude) it seems really funny to me that the Lord can just screw with his plans - which he does a lot. Please remember that God is in control no matter the politcal climate. If you don't believe me, read both books of Kings. It's in the Old Testament. You'll see a lot of bad kings that did a lot of bad things for more than 8 years. You'll also read about good kings and stuff, but remember one thing - God was there. He was near and He still is. The bad kings died, the good kings died. Captors came and captors captured the captors.

My advice is that you better HOPE the real AntiChrist is coming soon. If he is that means the REAL Christ is coming sooner. If not, then you are just stuck with tyrannt who can just make it really tough.

If you're pretrib - then it's all the better and you get to avoid the whole nastiness. If you're post-trib, Man up, Christian Soldier! Get out of your bunker, try to share the love of God and realize that if you did get shot in the head with a fire bolt from the naval of the Beast, you still get to go to heaven.

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Donna Bragg said...

I like this post! Whether Obama is the "Antichrist" or not is still unknown. He does fit all the qualities...egad!!
With that in mind, you are right about GOD being in control. Also, you are right about satan not knowing the end and that is why he has always had an antichrist in place. If Obama IS the "AC" then GOD allowed that to happen, and prophesy will take its course.

I am a pretrib gal myself. GOD has always saved HIS people from judgement.( He had Noah safely on the Ark with his family during the flood, HE sent Joseph into Egypt as a slave to save his people from famine, Moses into Egypt to save them slavery and ultimately the angel of death...) I believe the rapture is no different. Believers will be with JESUS and the nonbelievers will be left behind to suffer with the antichrist. If that is Obama, then we are going home soon, and that is why WE who call ourselves believers need to tell all who will listen about the SAVING GRACE of JESUS!

GOD Bless You!

Your sister in CHRIST,