Multiple Barcode Generator for Excel

There’s a lot of barcode stuff out there. It’s mostly not free. Even if you find something that’s free, you have to enter each. and. every. inventory. number. into the silly thing to get it all done. I don’t have that time. You don’t have that time. So here is a macro-enabled excel spreadsheet and a font.
If you like to click and drag formulas on excel spreadsheets, then you’ll fit right in with this!
It’s all free. Free to download and free to use.
Take the pain of slowly entering each item to generate one bar code away. Get your inventory barcoded fast.
Multiple Bar code Generator
*Scroll to the BOTTOM of this page and download and install this font. Don’t click stupid download pictures of ads that say DOWNLOAD.
*Download and open this excel spread sheet
*Enable Macros (don’t worry no trickery is involved)
*Put your multiple inventory items in the first column
*See the Macro change your inventory part to characters necessary for the barcode font in the 2nd Column
*See your barcodes in the 3rd Column
It’s all free. Code128 only.
Note: the font won’t work without the excel file. I mean, it will translate stuff but it won’t include the checksum number. So keep that in mind.

Multiple Bar code Generator
  1. Download the two files above.
  2. Install the ttf file - this font needs to be used for it to work.
  3. Download and open this excel spread sheet
  4. Enable Macros (don't worry no trickery is involved)
  5. Put your multiple inventory items in the first column
  6. See the Macro change your inventory part to characters necessary for the barcode font in the 2nd Column
  7. See your barcodes in the 3rd Column 

It's all free. Code128 only.

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If you can't, God Bless you anyway :)


Uriel SanB said...

Thnks for the share, im gonna check it, we need more people like you on internet, cheers from Mexico!
Uriel Sb.

Hector Armando Vela Santos said...

You saved my life. Thanks!

aung Myo said...

thank s from thailand

mohammed moustafa said...

thanks E. Townsend Schmidt
your very nice man

dacker said...


santhosh saravanan said...

Thanks for sharing...its really found to be useful

Anny Carolina Correa Ramírez said...
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Anny Carolina Correa Ramírez said...

It's been quite helpfull for some school project I'm working right now... just one question, I need to insert tabs between data (data+tab+data) but not sure on how to do so. Any suggestion?
By the way, thanks a lot...

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

once you have all your numbers converted in the barcodes, you can copy and paste special the data by value and then manipulate their arrangement

Kate Day said...

I got a 39 code font elsewhere which warned not to use Word because it "shifts characters slightly." The same seems to be true of this. I copy/pasted my codes into Word, printed, and they wouldn't scan. Printed the Excel spreadsheet directly and they work.

Chris Scott said...

This is great! I'm trying to do the same thing as Anny - add several TABs between data but I can't get it to work. Can you give an example of the formatting needed? For example I want a barcode that will be used to simplify data entry of the data '7' and 'carrot' into two different fields - when I scan the code I want it to send 7 TAB TAB TAB CARROT. If I put 7carrot into your excel I get Ì7carrot}Î and then a barcode. Which cell do I modify? How do I inject the ASCII value of TAB?


E. Townsend Schmidt said...

I apologize for my late reply to this. I'm assuming by TAB you mean you want to have data in the next cell? Also I'll take a look at the word conversion. I have a script that will reformat an excel page to line up with avery labels. I'll add that soon.

Chris Scott said...

No problem on the reply - I'm happy to have your help! You are correct that by TAB I want to have the data in the next cell. If possible I would also want to add other ASCII 128 keyboard entries like ENTER to a barcode. This is not only so a single barcode could add data to multiple cells in Excel, but so I can use a barcode to fill out forms in other applications. For example I might have an application that asks me to enter PART NUMBER, MODEL NUMBER, QUANTITY, PRICE in four different fields. My barcode will only contain the information for PART NUMBER and PRICE, so I'd like to make a barcode that contained PART NUMBER/TAB/TAB/PRICE so it could enter the data in the first field, skip the next two, then enter data in the last field. I have seen an excel sheet with Visual Basic code that allowed you to enter a ~ character followed by the ACII code for tab. So to create a barcode with 7 TAB TAB CARROT I would enter "7~009~009CARROT" in a cell, and the next cell would generate a bar code that when scanned entered a 7 in excel, moved over two cells, then entered CARROT.
Thanks so much in advance!

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

Kate - I have tested both barcodes by pasting into word and printed them out. They work fine. Be sure to paste special - keeping source formatting.

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

Anny and Chris,
The functionality you are looking for is "control codes." Control codes are part of the Code 39 Extended and Code 128 Extended fonts and not these regular 39 (3 of 9) or 128 fonts posted here.
I can't promise anything so don't wait around for me, but that is an interesting solution. I suppose the reverse would be helpful - enter a list of items and prices and have the code generate a barcode for each one...

Dario de Judicibus said...

There is a problem with dashes. I have a dash in our barcodes. For example


When I read the generated barcode, the result is


that is, it codes dashes as apostrophes. Any idea why?

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

I was not able to reproduce this problem with the scanning apps that I have. I'm not sure.

RalphDaly28 said...

Where is the script? How can I use this in another spreadsheet or is not allowed to use it in another spreadsheet?

mikej said...

I get funny characters - see screenshot

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

RalphDaly28 - The script is in the macro which you can only access if you enable the Developer Tab on the ribbon.

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

mikej - are you using US keyboard layout?

mikej said...

Eric - just checked that and changed mac preferences to US keyboard - no differece Double checked that language was set to US English too

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

mikej - i was not able to reproduce those characters you are seeing. First, I thought it was a font issue, but the problem is appearing in the calculation on your machine somehow. It's generating it as a different number. I am at a loss. Are all your cells formatted for "general"?

Kevin .Gallaccio said...

Hello Eric,

Thanks for the great help but, just like mikej, I am getting odd characters
For example, the code128 translation for 82382398239 is ÕrF7∆7»9eŒ

It seems to happen for all code128 macros out there comparable to yours.

I am a bit lost and maybe someone has found a solution for this.

Thanks a lot

Kevin .Gallaccio said...

Just to add to my previous post, it only does this on my personal computer (Mac) and not on my work computer.
the characters are modified and I believe it's a problem in the encoding.
Ì = Õ
Î = Œ

Thanks again in advance.

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

Sorry, I don't have a Mac to test Office for Mac. I only have a Windows 7 machine with office 2013

Mike Nutt said...

Had some issues initially, as I had some other barcodes all called code128 installed, but finally getting this to work, and seems great, thanks for putting this out there!

Nunzio Carnevale said...

Thank you very much for your share! Just a question: if I compare the excel generated barcodes with barcodes generated from free sites, they don't match. Example, if you compare "ABC123" barcode gererated from the excel and the one generated in , code128, you find that the images are different.

maxdevoyages said...

And thank you for this open source program !
The text RO650646988 is changed into ΜROΗa&NΖΘ8@Ξ which in Font code128 comes with Greek characters in between barcodes and barcodes cannot be scanned.

I'm in Greece but using a English (United States) keyboard - Office Professional Plus 2010 and Windows 7.
Can you support ?

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

All I can think of is that not all code128 fonts are the same anymore. The font on this site does work. I tried it again few months ago

maxdevoyages said...

I installed the font from the site that you adivse.
It doesn't come from the font.
In your file, the first line shows 123456 / Í,BXLÎ (Item / Barcode)
when I duplicate this line, it shows 123456 / Ν,BXLΞ
It seems that the function code128() returns a different result on my computer.

maxdevoyages said...

Just found the solution !
In "Region and Language" settings of Windows, "Administrative"
I had Greek as "Current language for Non Unicode Programs".
With English (US) it works fine.
Thanks a lot !
I'll order your children book tonight.

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

Hey thanks! That means a lot. It makes me want to make more free stuff.

asimibrahim said...

Wonderful this is really helpful

FlyHigh said...
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FlyHigh said...

I use this. I think it's great.

Walt said...

Did you get anyplace with the RETURN aspect?

Saeed said...

Thanks for the code. Very helpful..

Laura Wingrove said...

Thank you for being so generous. I have created barcode price tags for all of our products in our store using your code and font. Amazing!

rslygh said...

Spent the last 3 hours trying to figure out how we could do this for a customized form in an Excel spreadsheet with no luck, and then found your post. Thank you very much for sharing! It doesn't seem like we'll have any issues with it for our use.

E. Townsend Schmidt said...

Thank you all! I'm glad it's helping save time and frustration!

Carl Catalan said...

Thanks so much. The tutorial was very helpful. You're a good man.

twistybreadandchickenwings said...
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twistybreadandchickenwings said...

I have no words to thank you Eric! This is genius :)

I was looking at two issue which I thought others might faced too.
I am using the same, Windows 7 machine with office 2013.

Trying to print 210007701597 210007701598 210007701932 210007705519 210007704015 etc is giving me a barcode which has one special character, can't figure out why.
(I see some special characters Æ Å Ã Ä Ç appear in this manner)

Second thing, I am printing this with a Xerox laser printer, and trying to scan it with Motorola CS3000, the scanning does not work, trying to figure out why..

twistybreadandchickenwings said...


I was checking with you whether you have faced the issue I mentioned above?

btw, I got the kindle edition of your book "Clarissa Fell into the Water!" my niece is going to love it!!