How to print labels from excel

eople love Excel. I love excel. Excel can do many things. One thing people want to do is to make labels in excel.
All the solutions you find tell you how to do it using Excel with Word by using the mail merge process.
You have more options and control in Word, but some people just need something fast.
They need to print labels from Excel without word and so I made this Excel spread sheet with a tiny macro that will reorganize your single column of data into printable labels for the Avery 5160 label. That label is 1" x 2 5/8"

Download the Excel file below.

Labels from Excel file

Labels from Excel Instructions (also in file on Sheet2)

1. Download the excel file and enable macros (don't worry, no trickery is involved.)
2. Paste your single column data into 1A
3. Do CTRL + e to activate the macro
4. Choose "3" for number of columns
5. Set margins to "custom margin"
Top = 0.5
Bottom = 0.5
Left = 0.21975
Right = 0.21975
6. Set Scaling to "Fit all Columns on One Page"

Now your data is ready to print onto Avery Compatible 5160 labels (1" x 2 5/8")

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Unknown said...

Hi there,

I have hundreds of tab dividers that i want to print filenames onto. The filenames are in a list in excel. I saw this and was wondering if there is any way of setting up excel to print a list of cells onto a tab divider template, such as this one:

As it is a five page template and each tab is on a different location on each page, i don't even know where to start! Would appreciate your thoughts.